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Legislative Process


The legislative process is complex.  However, participation in the process can be very straightforward.  Citizen advocacy is often the most effective form of "lobbying."  Legislators want to make decisions based on the best possible information.  Local public safety professionals are the real experts on public safety in their communities. The first step is to build a relationship with your Representative and Senator.  Don't wait until there is an issue or concern to call your legislators and meet with them.  They will value your input both as a constituent and as an expert on public safety concerns in your community.  The following links will take you to information provided by the ULELC to help you become an effective advocate for public safety legislative issues. 

How do I find my Representative and Senator?  Click here for an easy locator.

What do Legislative Committees do? 

How can I be an effective witness before a Legislative Committee?

How can my idea become a law?

The Legislature's Guide to Bills, Budgets & Fiscal Notes  (read this if you don't understand legislative budgeting, fiscal notes, or how to move a bill forward)

Interpreting the codes and symbols used in a bill